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Ever since I was a young boy, I had a knack for fixing things. Growing up in the country, you have to learn to do many things on your own. My background is rich with many experiences from working construction to office jobs.


I have always had a workshop where I built furniture, repaired broken appliances, sweated copper pipe, worked on cars, the list goes on and on. I have never allowed "no user serviceable parts inside" to stop me. Unfortunately, not everything can be fixed at a reasonable cost, but fighting against throw-a-way thinking, I will give it my best effort.

Factotum has been serving San Diego since 2021. I’ll do any kind of work you need from moderate scale renovation to even the smallest of jobs! I specialize in quality workmanship at affordable prices. 

I believe in treating my customers’ homes and properties as my own. At Factotum, I understand it’s tough finding time for those odd projects and even harder getting around to large projects that you would love, but think you can’t afford. Check out my services page to see everything I offer. Better yet, contact me for your free estimate on any kind of work you need. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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