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What people say

Marshall has completed a number of home projects for me – fixing door locks; tiling front door entryway; toilet repairs, interior painting, and anchoring a canopy over the driveway. I have been very satisfied with the quality, thoroughness and care of his workmanship. Marshall is very trustworthy - in fact he’s worked on a number of projects while I was away - and his cost is reasonable and fair. I have appreciated his communication and problem solving skills. Marshall is the person to call if you need a handyman!

Mei G.

Brilliant: Very happy with Marshall’s installation of a range hood, repair of a door frame, as well as drywall and paint work. He kept us informed of all the options, associated risks/costs at every step, and delivered on time and under budget. I consider Factotum a first resource when it comes to home repair, regardless of the nature.

Cenk K

Marshall installed 5 grab bars for us and he did a beautiful job -- even leaving the work spaces cleaner than they were before. He's efficient and a problem-solver, and his rates are reasonable too. We'll certainly be calling on Marshall and his skills whenever we need handywork done!

Maura G-W

We hired Marshall to repaint our kitchen, a major undertaking. Our old cabinets were natural wood with 30 year old hinges that didn't close properly.
Our newly painted kitchen looks as if it is brand new. It is pristine, beautiful white with new pulls. The cabinet doors all close like they're supposed to because Marshall put on new hinges.
We are absolutely thrilled with Marshall's prep work, his workmanship, and his finishing touches.
We would highly recommend him and will use him again. If you don't have painting to do in your home, contact Marshall for other work. His expertise is broad.

Celeste H.

Excellent work at a reasonable price!

Richard R.

Appliances quit working and then what do you do with them? Well, Marshall, knows what to do. Hand held vacuum: He had to take out the bundle of rechargeable batteries and replace them with new ones. The manufacturer doesn’t intend for you to give it a second life so it isn’t easy to figure out what to do. It took someone with a sense of how things work to do it. Same thing with my Rowenta steam iron. It stopped working and Marshall did a little investigation and quickly repaired it by taking it apart and rewiring it. He’s intuitive about appliances and machinery!

Sarah M.

My bedroom door to the outdoor garden was very stuck and difficult to open and I really didn’t even use it anymore. Marshall took the door off of the hinges, shaved some wood off of the bottom, put in a new beautiful threshold and it’s like new! Love having that working again! The handle was very loose because of pulling on it so much while it was stuck so he had to repair that part, too. He is very careful to get things right and always works with a cheerful spirit.

Sarah M.

I have a converted, somewhat fragile kerosene lamp that needed rewiring. Marshall did a careful job including asking about its history and respecting its sentimental value. I would recommend him.

Becky W.

A lovely set of chimes have hung by our front door for several decades in several climates. They showed their age. I wondered if they could be repaired and renewed. I had no idea who might do such a thing until I met Marshall Moore. They were cleaned, restrung and refinished in a timely manner for a very reasonable price.

Heidi H.

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